Building Skills - Building Future

Coral Training Center WLL is a Technical and Vocational Training Center approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Kingdom of Bahrain, that has been formed to empower, enhance, and train professionals in order for them to be successful in their careers with a vision of imparting knowledge to youngsters and developing skills and wisdom which would enable them to be successful in their chosen arena of professional life. We believe in, ‘Knowledge En-lightens and Wisdom Empowers’.

In this world of tough competition, winners are those who successfully traverse the extra mile. It is a professionally managed educational center driven by the highest values of education and aims to bring out the enormous potential of every student. Knowledge imparted to young aspirants equips them to face the challenges of the modern, competitive world to emerge successful in their professional life.

Our Core Values

Compliance : We ensure adherence to regulations, standards, and authoritive requirements on a day-to-day basis.

Orientation : Our orientation programs contribute to a more effective and productive workforce.

Results : We deliver dedicated solutions to every challenge of our customers enabling them to attain the desired results

Awareness : We share our high technical and regulatory knowledge to equip business entities with updated methodologies for efficient working.

Leadership : Our updated skill development programs give extra edge to trainees helping them lead their organizations to progress.

Chairman's Message

Fresh from college, I began my career in the Middle East where during the last three decades I have been associated with the National Bank of Kuwait in Kuwait and the Gulf International Bank in Bahrain and have encountered a myriad of personalities and many challenging situations where every incident and every person has left a mark and helped me in my career.


Openness, Transparency, Dignity, Accountability, Team Spirit, and above all a passion for my work has always given results but I believe that these achievements have value only when they contribute to the betterment of society. With this belief I went on to establish the JP Group that is now engaged in various programs and activities solely to empower the people in the Middle East region through various educational, skill development, and professional training activities and programs.

The people in our companies are vibrant and committed as we see Human Resource development as the key to progressive organizations and the advancement of societies. We strive continuously to provide our people with an environment that is proficient, where they can grow personally and professionally, along with the organization.

Although there is an informal atmosphere throughout the group, there is discipline, integrity and commitment by both management and staff which is why we believe in treating each other and our customers with dignity, trust, and respect.